Enrico Lamantin

Enrico Lamantin is a painter who initially studied law and computer science. He was born in 1997 in Germany. During his studies, he has received numerous scholarships and interned and worked with multiple big law firms and research projects, mainly in the field of banking, finance, and IT law.

His long-running interest in business and commerce finally found artistic form in his signature fake-neon paintings. His works explore these fake-painted neon tubes as a radically abstracted symbol of commerce and business. Lamantin’s use of color and rough brush gestures are based on his inside perception and memories of working in big law and on major business deals. Lamantin’s interest is not only to showcase his view of the business world from the inside but to explore the contrast and disconnect between his experiences in this world to his working-class upbringing. Neon-tubes are often precisely painted on blurred and obscured backgrounds, highlighting a contrast between the organic and artificial while simultaneously creating depth between his background and the tubes. His paintings oftentimes incorporate plain-colored squares and impasto color applications into the foreground. He uses these simple forms as an anchor for neon lights. They pose as a distraction, tempting the viewer towards staying in the glowy foreground, making it easy not to look behind this façade.

Lamantin is currently preparing for his first solo show. His works are part of multiple private collections within Europe.